“Caro’s Secret,” delivered at “The New British Sculpture: Reviewing the Persistence of an Idea, c.1850 – Present,” Henry Moore Institute, Leeds, February 2011.

“The Visual Conspiracies of Gerhard Richter,” delivered at “Cold War Cultures: Transnational and Interdisciplinary Perspectives,” University of Texas at Austin, October 2010.

“Imperfect Machines: Warhol and Duchamp,” delivered at “Further Thoughts on the Twisted Pair,” Andy Warhol Museum, Pittsburgh, September 2010.  Shorter version presented at “Politics and 20th-Century Art,” Wake Forest University, November 2011.

“Pollock as Pop: The Mistranslations of the Independent Group,” delivered at “New Approaches to British Art, 1939-1969,” Courtauld Institute of Art, London, June 2010.

“Disasters of Vision: Andy Warhol’s Cold War,” delivered at the Department of the History of Art, Yale University, as part of Works in Progress Lecture Series, September 2009.

“Failure of Manners: A Life Magazine Picture of the Week,” delivered at “Visual Conflicts: Art History and the Formations of Political Memory,” University College, London, March 2009.

Convener and Chair of College Art Association Annual Conference Session, “A Conspiracy Theory of Images: Art and Cold War Visuality,” Los Angeles, February 2009.

“Gerhard Richter’s Photographic Conspiracies,” delivered at “Gerhard Richter: New Approaches,” National Galleries of Scotland, Edinburgh, November 2008.

“Cold War Visuality, circa 1962” delivered at Department of Art History and Archaeology, Washington University in St. Louis, as part of the Graduate Student Speaker Series, December 2007.

“Containing Vision: The Wall and Photographic Practices of Control,” delivered at “Managing Meaning: Representation and repression in the (East) German media, 1955-65,” panel, German Studies Association meeting, San Diego, October 2007.

“Gerhard Richter’s Cold War Vision,” delivered at “Gerhard Richter: A Symposium,” Getty Research Institute, Los Angeles, February 2007.

“A Conspiracy Theory of Images: Cold War Mass Media and Artistic Practice,” delivered at “Propaganda and Mass Media in the Making of Cold War Europe,” University College, Dublin, January 2007.

Co-chair of College Art Association Annual Conference Session, “Minimal Art and the Common Culture,” with Robert S. Slifkin, Boston, MA, February 2006.

“Running on Empty: The Late-1950s Paintings of Willem de Kooning and American Highway Culture,” delivered at the Frick Graduate Symposium, New York, NY.  Selected by a faculty committee to represent the Department of the History of Art, Yale University, April 2005.


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